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Our Latest Travel Tips

Visiting Greece in October

October is an interesting month to be in Greece. The first two weeks of October may be considered the tail end of the tourist season. Most charter firms scale back their operations by the mid to end of October and resorts that are still open are relaxed and not at all crowded. Athens still gets a fair amount of tourists, although nothing like the summer months. October is usually a great time to see Athens’ outdoor sites when the weather is pleasantly warm and the museums are much nicer with the crowds gone. October is when the locals go to see the sites, this should tell you something.

Athens Beaches

Whether you are a resident of Athens or just passing through, when the mercury hits 30, the only place to be is the beach. Although Attica’s beaches are on the whole not in the same class as those found on the islands, this should not stop you enjoying the sun, the sea and the sand while in Athens.

Mercouri Winery – Western Peloponnese

We had heard about this winery somewhere around Katakolon and one Saturday we decided to go find it. It turned out to be the Mercouri Estate and while there we got chatting with a Scottish fella by the name of Chris who happens to be helping out with the tourist program (that's multicultural Greece for you). One thing led to another and I suggested he write a quick blurb about the estate for Travels in Greece. He said yes, and here it is. For anybody in the area, a trip to the estate is well worth it, what with the lovely buildings, the old museum piece tools on display and the grounds full of peacocks. The wine is pretty good too! If you happen to get chatting with Chris, say hi to him from us, over to you Chris....

Via Egnatia – Travelling northern Greece by car

Travelling through northern Greece by car just became a whole lot quicker with the long awaited opening of the Egnatia Odos, the modern version of the Roman era Via Egnatia.

Museum of Ancient Greek Technology in Katakolon

We received an email today regarding the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology which resides on the main square of Katakolon opposite the train station and next to the church. The last time we were in Katakolo in the summer of 2009 it appeared very shut and we were told that it was unlikely to re-open, but the email seems to negate that news.